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Kafkas last trial begins with kafkas last instruction to his closest friend max brod to destroy all his remaining papers upon his death but when the moment arrived in 1924 brod could not bring himself to burn the unpublished works of the man he considered a literary geniuseven a saint the story of what happened to kafkas works after he died is as sordid and byzantine as one of kafkas own tales moving adroitly between court proceedings cultural realpolitik and literary analysis benjamin balint tells a story that is not only fascinating but also helps one to become a better reader of kafkas proseits a tale pitting two goliaths against one octogenarian david untangled in exacting riveting detail by israeli author benjamin balint in his new book kafkas last trial the case of a literary legacythe story balint tells is one of an interminable trial between doomed parties in which physical struggles morph into questions about identity self and existential belongingkafkas closest friend max brod died in israel in 1968 his estate including a number of kafka manuscripts became the subject of a legal battle that went all the way to israels supreme court and was only resolved in 2016 benjamin balints kafkas last trial the case of a literary legacy provides a detailed account of the caselisten to kafkas last trial the case of a literary legacy audiobook by benjamin balint stream and download audiobooks to your computer tablet or mobile phone bestsellers and latest releases try any audiobook free

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